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He woke up with a shock.

Light coming from the window with no curtain had already filled the room. He looked at the calendar almost hoping it’ll be something different. Nope. It was not. It was his birthday.

Birthdays are supposed to be happy occasions. Particularly if it’s your 60th. That’s when you retire from your job, children take full responsibility of the house and life kind of runs on it’s own whilst you sit back and relax. If only he had a job that he could retire from. If only his children were responsible enough..

Sixty years, he thought, had drifted past him. But he felt as if it was just the beginning. Because only now was he starting to reap the benefits of all his hard work. Some small returns. Not that he was all happy now. Life was nowhere near what he thought it should be.

He slipped into flashback.

Three children in the family. He was still a kid back then. He never liked his brothers. Except appearance he found nothing in common between them. He lived in a separate house from as long as he could remember. Now even the other two had drifted apart. He never interfered in their businesses. Anybody’s for that matter. That was his nature. But they were always there to impede everything that he did. To hurt him in all possible places. Sometimes for something that he did, a few times for something he didn’t do and usually for no reason at all. He had learnt to live with them. “Well, that’s life. What can you do?!”.

But it distressed him when his own children fought with each other. A new fight everyday. Let alone caring for him, let alone caring for their family, they didn’t even care for themselves. In his own words ,” too egoistic to care for nothing but ego”. Although there were rare incidents of love and harmony, they could easily pickup a fight on petty things. Sigh.

He looked at the clock. It was getting late. He got ready for work and stepped out of his room. A loud cheer from God knows how many people hit his eardrums.

It took a while for him to realize what was happening. His whole family was there and a cake at the center. They all looked so happy together. Helping each other, smiling.

Hope it stays like this, he cut the cake. May be it is just the beginning.

In case the writing was too dumb and you didn’t notice the figure of speech,

He –> Republic of India.

Children –> Citizens of India.

I don’t need to say who his brothers are, do I?


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