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Norwegian Nobel Committee announced today that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to Jake Sully, the human turned na’vi character from Avatar. “The committee was really impressed by Jake’s speech which united the na’vi under his command and inspired them to defend Pandora from humans”, said Thorbjorn Jagland, the chairperson of the committee. ” He is being given the prize for the stability in his voice, awesome hand gestures and the ability to convey thoughts  in the simplest of words” he added.

“Please note that the prize is being awarded to Jake Sully and not James Cameron. It’s the person who made the speech that matters, not the one who wrote it.[wink]. So efforts on discovering Pandora, learning their language and bringing Sully to Oslo are welcome”, said another committee member.

“We wanted to tell the world that we don’t consider the skin tone of the nominees while deciding on the prize. Last year we gave it to Obama and this time we just wanted to prove that we’re not limited to grey scale“, said Ågot Valle contradicting her own argument .

When  a bewildered journalist present during the conference wondered “Sir, Shouldn’t Nobel Peace Prize be awarded to the one who ‘shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses’? Didn’t Jake build up a massive army to fight the humans?”, “Well, we got through the same thing last year, didn’t we?  So we thought we can take another chance”, replied Jagland.

They didn’t entertain any more questions or comments.

Meanwhile, the reaction from the community has been a mixture of disbelief and excitement.

“How can someone get a Nobel Peace Prize for a speech? That too a speech he didn’t even write? Jesus!”, said President of USA and Nobel laureate Barrack Obama.

“What about my speech in Mohabbatein? I stood up to face the mad ass principal for love! That was something?! May be nobody understood my speech as I was trying to overact”, said Raj Aryan talking to himself.

When asked about the announcement, “You know how it feels when you create something stupid for your own satisfaction and it reaches a place that it really doesn’t deserve?”, replied James Cameron with another question.

“Hey, that’s exactly how I felt when Kummy became the chief minister!”, quipped former prime minister Deve Gowda.

“Ofcourse he deserved a Nobel Prize. He achieved what world leaders couldn’t accomplish in Copenhagen by ‘coping with a hag‘. Hahhahah”, said English professor Mahesh Prabhu and continued to laugh at his own joke.

“He has moral fiber man..”, said Hollywood actor Emile Hirsch,” He did exactly what I said in Girl Next Door. No wonder he won a Nobel Prize” and went on to repeat the whole speech. [Must watch video here]

“Jake Sully did nothing to improve the condition of animals. Connecting your mind with theirs? What about their privacy? I want all the scenes with animals to be edited out of the movie”, demanded animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi.

In the mean time, Cameron and his friends are working on  na’vi copulation techniques in an attempt to win Nobel Prize for physiology next year.


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