Today was the last day at work for 2008. Office reopens on Jan 5th of 2009. The year has been great. I think I’ll talk about it in another post.
Last week was good. I presented a new framework for doing something and was praised and patted on the back by team mates. So much for 5 months of work in the company.
Roommate moved out. Living alone is harder than I thought. That too for an ever-chattering man like me. But I get to do some things that I could never have done when with friends ( No vulgar-ish ambiguity intended) and I’m happy for it.
Friends came home on Saturday. We ordered some pizzas. They came an hour later. Cold, without sauce. Went to brand factory to buy a travelling bag, ended up buying some trousers .
Whenever I want to think about something, I take a long walk. A long walk, particularly at night, gives you the ability to cogitate on the topics that have long been confusing you. Clears your mind and makes decision making easier. I’m glad I walked home this Saturday.
I wanted to learn playing an instrument and was stuck between guitar and key board. I played guitar for the first time in my friends place was instantly in love with it. Will join the classes on the first week of Jan.
You know the feeling when you do something and you like it soo much that you think you can happily keep doing it for the rest of your life? That’s what happened when I saw FRIENDS the first time. Now, after watching all the episodes some tens of times, it’s not soo funny anymore. So that leaves just listening to James Blunt and reading The Fountain Head on the list.
This time I’m doing a New Year Resolutions list. Dos and Don’ts for this year. I’m also thinking of posting them here on the blog. It would be great if I can find a widget that helps keeping track of all the items, like a to-do list. Or else I’ll have to write some code.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the vacation….
PS: I’ve to leave for Ooty in less than an hour and haven’t checked the post for any errors. I’m publishing it coz I wanted to say these things b4 I leave. Sorry if there are any typos.


Here is  a story.

Roy, the Monkey lived in an island in the Land of Queens. He loved fishing in the river beside his house along with his son,Ricky. Those were prosperous times. Roy made a lot of money from fishing and Ricky used to get a lot of gifts from his dad.

But one day, the level of water in the river started to raise. Roy knew the island was about to be inundated. But he kept his cool. He knew what to do. Himself and Ricky were standing at the highest point in the island so that they can avoid the floods for as long as one can.

But the river kept raising. Now his feet were immersed in water. And pretty soon it came to his knees. Roy lifted his son and placed him on his shoulder. He loved his son very much. But the river kept raising. It came upto his neck. Roy was standing on his toes, struggling to maintain balance. It was not over yet. The river kept raising and the water came upto his nose and he couldn’t breath any longer. Now Roy quickly reached over to his son, lifted him from his shoulder , put him under his feet and stood over him.

I don’t blame Roy here. Everybody wants to survive and if it has to be at the cost of someone beloved, it’s not really his fault. The point is, it’s not really his fault because 1) It was a question of his own existence and 2) Roy is a ‘Monkey’.

Okay. Now lets move on to the human version of the story.

Shane is the captain of a fishing ship that is manned by his family members. The ship sails along the shores of California catching fish. Shane made a fortune from fishing during the good times and the family members were given enough to eat.

Shane feels that fishes are sparse nowadays. He has been getting more than what the other ships are getting but it doesn’t matter. His profits have gone down a bit and that is all he cares. So he decides that  if he had less people on the ship,  he could reduce the amount of fish being eaten by them there by maintaing his profit level. So he grabs some of his family members and throws them off the ship into the sea.

I don’t want to comment on this story. Probably I shouldn’t. I can’t even say why I wanted to tell this story. I hope you will understand.

World is Flat?

Well, I’ve been wanting to write a post from like a month but it required 20 plus terrorists and a dozen bomb blasts to make me get my lazy ass out of the bed and start writing.

I’ve a lot to write.About my ventures on my Unicorn.(Yep.I bought it last month :)). I’ve decided to call the posts as ‘Adventures on my Sacred Arse Horse’. And of course, my bicycle. And my busy boring days. And that married girl in office who makes my heart skip a beat whenever i look at her. But they all seem so insignificant right now.

As I write this post, there are more than 125 innocent people lying dead in Mumbai, more than 400 injured and many more waiting in front of the besieged places  waiting for any kind of information on their beloved ones.

Let’s go back in time for a while. When I was in school,from time to time, there used to be some incidents of terrorist attacks in Kashmir. Often involving a few casualties. And I used to think ‘Thank God! I’m safe here down south’. Except a few incidents like 1993 Mumbai blasts everything here was normal.Peaceful.

I was watching Body of Lies in PVR on a Sunday night a month back. Bomb blasts had already made their presence ‘down south’. But I was thinking ‘Thank God! I’m not in Iraq. Open firing on the street! Man! How the hell can people live there? Amidst such fear?’.

I was reading Thomas Friedman’s World is Flat a week ago where he explains how easy it has become to do business with clients far off. In other words, how information revolution has enabled us to ignore the geographical limitations to accomplish what we want to do.

Now, here we are.

After watching terrorists roaming the streets of Mumbai on a police car firing at people, I’ve to admit.

Yes. The world has indeed been flattened.

And for what?

Probably from now on after every blast I’ll think ‘Thank God! It’s not me this time. Is bar tho bach gaya..’ But I need not be  so happy. The guy walking beside me  carrying a blue-black backpack might have an AK-47 with him and waiting for orders to fire….

No Title!

The sons of Hermes love to play,
And only do their best when they
Are told they oughtn’t;
Apollo’s children never shrink
From boring jobs but have to think
Their work important.

– W. H. Auden, Under Which Lyre

Now, this is inspiring( atleast for me!!). Stole the poem from Paul’s site.

Btw, did you know that Apollo was partly gay? More info here.


Here is a list of all the things that I missed the most on Wednesday, when I took a PTO( Paid Time Off) and decided to stay home.

1)Biscuits and various beverages(They keep me awake during the working hours).

2) Chatting with friends on gtalk.

3) Endless  browsing at high speed all through the day.

4) Awesome food at 12.30 sharp.

5) Meaningful discussion with the team about the current trends.

6) Post lunch eating with my gang.

7) Debate on all the things you can imagine in “Talk with H”.

8 ) A nap on the terrace.

9) Tea in VRT’s cubicle along with VP and KP.

10) A deskphone which allows me to “stay connected” with friends.

And, what did I gain?? “Nothing”. To go away, the fever needed not a PTO but some tablets and a knife sized needle!!!

Therefore, guys, a piece of advice. Whatever happens to you, however ill you are,however bad the situation is,just get the medication and go to work. Taking a leave and staying home may look like a good idea ( particularly when you have a lot of PTOs left), but trust me. It’s really irritating to be at home doing nothing and you’ll prefer working in office.

Thanks for the photos,Dinesh..

I’ve always been a shy baby when I’ve to talk to girls whom I don’t know well. My hands start shivering and my tongue begins to fail. But there are some times where in you have to face the worst fears of your life. The same thing happened to me last week when I got stuck with a girl who could speak only English.

That day,I got down at Minerva circle and was waiting for the signal to cross the road. That’s when I saw Ms.F standing 10 feet away from me. Gynophobia!!This is one of those times when I really wish that I had one of those Harry Potter’s invisibility cloaks…

There were three options before me. One was to turn back and leave the arena. The second was to pretend like I haven’t seen her at all and the last one was to talk to her. I was pondering over the options when F turned and smiled at me. I could still have all the options to escape, but i smiled back at her. Oh my God!!What have I done?? Now I had to talk to her.

I was wondering what to talk. With in a second, everything that I had ever known or heard flashed in my mind. My head was going dizzy. I slowly walked up to her and “Which class now ,F?”, I asked her.

F: “ACA, I think”. She said in her strange accent.

“He wont say anything right?. It’s already ten past nine”.

Me: “naa, he will let us in.No problem”.

This was followed by an awkward silence. I was searching for the topic I could talk. For me, talking with her was a 3 Pass process. In the first pass, I’d form a list of all the sentences that I can say. In the second, I’d choose the most appropriate sentence for the situation. And in the final pass, I’d translate my thoughts into English. Though the first two passes could be done in a small amount of time, given my proficiency in English, it ‘d take at least 10 seconds to translate a sentence. So there’ll be a gap of a minimum of 12 seconds between her saying something and me replying to it.

Okay, the signal went red , the flow of vehicles stopped and we started to move. I asked “Howz your project going?”. She said ” We have just started. It’s very difficult………..”. I couldn’t understand the rest of what she said. I just assumed that she hasn’t said anything very important and said “what’s your project neway?”. She gave me a strange look. Probably she had said everything about her project to me in her last answer. I didnt know.. “What’s your project?”, she asked. Now at last, I could talk something… I told her everything…. SMS thing, me n A’s experiment, the current status…everything.. “Hey, What’s your Project Team?” she asked.

Was that a question??? Everybody in the college knows that ABC are and will always be together… N I’m sure that she knew about AP… Then why the question? I was really angry. But I was not sure that I ‘ll be able to convey all my feelings in English . So I just told her “me, A, C n AP”… “Oh ok..” ,she said.. Then she said something.. All I could understand was one word. ‘JAVA’. But it was not entirely my fault… She has a strange accent. She can use the word ‘yes’ in 5 different ways to mean 5 different things.. How can you expect a frightened gynophobiac to understand something like that??

Then it went on and on, n finally we were in college… For the first time in my life, I was very happy to enter the class room.. We didn’t bother to ask BTH’s permission. We got in. She went to her place to sit and I, as usual, went to the place where A n C were sitting to narrate the whole story.