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I’ve always been irritated by people who try to prove that their opinion of something is the best. Let alone proving their notion to be the greatest, some  refuse to realize that everybody has an opinion. Most act as if it’s wrong of others to differ with them.

It’s more irritating to see people who come to limelight because of their different opinion start behaving as if they have become that opinion. As if they are living that belief. Looking at every good thing through the glass of their impression and commenting on it. A few of those species can be found here, here and here.

Well, my way of analyzing metaphysical things is to compare and try to equate it with something which physically exists, study it’s behavior and try to extrapolate it to fit the original object under study. But in this case, I was pathetically unable to find a tantamount object. What the hell can I compare an opinion to?

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about Bhagavad Gita and how answers to all the questions in the world lie within us. That’s when I had my Eureka moment. The solution to the aforementioned puzzle was always hiding inside me, in the remote bottom corner of my own body. That’s when I realized that Opinions are like assholes. [Though googling it proved that someone else had already discovered it]

Yes. They are. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has  got one.  But you have to go through an awful lot of pain if you want to prove yours is the best. And usually, it’s not worth it. [an IfYouKnowWhatIMean wink]

How do you even say that your asshole is the best? Even if you have seen all the assholes in the world, you still can’t see yours. Though you’ve felt what it is like to have your asshole, you can’t have anybody else’s!

With all these constraints why do you even try to compare assholes? How does it even matter?

Well, similarly, having an asshole is fine. There is nothing wrong with it! It’s perfectly natural. But when you become your opinion, you become an asshole. And when you become an asshole, all your output is shit. That’s when you have a problem. That’s when you stink the place up.

Well, that’s just my ‘opinion’. Feel free to open up and give yours. 😉


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Okay. before you start imagining things. This post is about a ‘vaikuntha samaradhana’ ( apparently a ritual to send a dead person to ‘Gods own country’) of a friend of my grandma’s that I attended.

Two thoughts.

1)  When I saw her for the first time, she was around 75 and  I was around 3 years old. She was a widow and was living with her son. Now, if I look back and  compare our lives in the past 20 years, I cannot help but notice that my life has changed  so much and her life had been pretty much the same. She was still living with her son and probably had the same kind of conversations with her grand children everyday. But I’ve gone places.  So if I try to generalize it and plot a graph of new experiences (which I call ‘growth’) vs time, it will look something like this.

*As you can see, I’ve treated death as a major change.

So, after a certain point in your life, you will stop having new experiences and are bound to get stagnant. Your life gets monotonous. You get bored. That’s what I’ve seen. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

But as I was drawing this graph, I realized that in our early days, changes are built into our lives. New school, new friends, new places, new cities, college, getting a job, wedding, children etc etc. Something or the other keeps changing. But after that, we don’t have any major changes in our lives that happen automatically. So ‘growth’ as I call it is not a function of age but of change. All you have to do is to bring some changes into your lives and keep it new. Doesn’t sound that difficult! #relief

2) On a not so serious but important note, it’s irritating when people, that too people of your age, that too girls come and say ‘Bhargav, is that you? Oh my God, I couldn’t recognize you at all!!‘ when all ( I think) they mean is ‘Shit, You have got so fat! What do you eat for lunch, you moron!‘. I agree it’s been 10 years since we’ve met and even I couldn’t recognize some of them, but common, it hurts. And it doesn’t really help if her grandma comes mentions some stupid thing that you did a decade ago. And it really really doesn’t help when that girl says ‘Remember that poem you used to sing just to irritate me?!‘. And it really really really doesn’t help if  your grandma says oh so proudly ‘Yeah, he still does that. He hasn’t changed at all‘. So much for a great Saturday, eh?

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Today was the last day at work for 2008. Office reopens on Jan 5th of 2009. The year has been great. I think I’ll talk about it in another post.
Last week was good. I presented a new framework for doing something and was praised and patted on the back by team mates. So much for 5 months of work in the company.
Roommate moved out. Living alone is harder than I thought. That too for an ever-chattering man like me. But I get to do some things that I could never have done when with friends ( No vulgar-ish ambiguity intended) and I’m happy for it.
Friends came home on Saturday. We ordered some pizzas. They came an hour later. Cold, without sauce. Went to brand factory to buy a travelling bag, ended up buying some trousers .
Whenever I want to think about something, I take a long walk. A long walk, particularly at night, gives you the ability to cogitate on the topics that have long been confusing you. Clears your mind and makes decision making easier. I’m glad I walked home this Saturday.
I wanted to learn playing an instrument and was stuck between guitar and key board. I played guitar for the first time in my friends place was instantly in love with it. Will join the classes on the first week of Jan.
You know the feeling when you do something and you like it soo much that you think you can happily keep doing it for the rest of your life? That’s what happened when I saw FRIENDS the first time. Now, after watching all the episodes some tens of times, it’s not soo funny anymore. So that leaves just listening to James Blunt and reading The Fountain Head on the list.
This time I’m doing a New Year Resolutions list. Dos and Don’ts for this year. I’m also thinking of posting them here on the blog. It would be great if I can find a widget that helps keeping track of all the items, like a to-do list. Or else I’ll have to write some code.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the vacation….
PS: I’ve to leave for Ooty in less than an hour and haven’t checked the post for any errors. I’m publishing it coz I wanted to say these things b4 I leave. Sorry if there are any typos.

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The Tale of Two Stories…

Here is  a story.

Roy, the Monkey lived in an island in the Land of Queens. He loved fishing in the river beside his house along with his son,Ricky. Those were prosperous times. Roy made a lot of money from fishing and Ricky used to get a lot of gifts from his dad.

But one day, the level of water in the river started to raise. Roy knew the island was about to be inundated. But he kept his cool. He knew what to do. Himself and Ricky were standing at the highest point in the island so that they can avoid the floods for as long as one can.

But the river kept raising. Now his feet were immersed in water. And pretty soon it came to his knees. Roy lifted his son and placed him on his shoulder. He loved his son very much. But the river kept raising. It came upto his neck. Roy was standing on his toes, struggling to maintain balance. It was not over yet. The river kept raising and the water came upto his nose and he couldn’t breath any longer. Now Roy quickly reached over to his son, lifted him from his shoulder , put him under his feet and stood over him.

I don’t blame Roy here. Everybody wants to survive and if it has to be at the cost of someone beloved, it’s not really his fault. The point is, it’s not really his fault because 1) It was a question of his own existence and 2) Roy is a ‘Monkey’.

Okay. Now lets move on to the human version of the story.

Shane is the captain of a fishing ship that is manned by his family members. The ship sails along the shores of California catching fish. Shane made a fortune from fishing during the good times and the family members were given enough to eat.

Shane feels that fishes are sparse nowadays. He has been getting more than what the other ships are getting but it doesn’t matter. His profits have gone down a bit and that is all he cares. So he decides that  if he had less people on the ship,  he could reduce the amount of fish being eaten by them there by maintaing his profit level. So he grabs some of his family members and throws them off the ship into the sea.

I don’t want to comment on this story. Probably I shouldn’t. I can’t even say why I wanted to tell this story. I hope you will understand.

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World is Flat?

Well, I’ve been wanting to write a post from like a month but it required 20 plus terrorists and a dozen bomb blasts to make me get my lazy ass out of the bed and start writing.

I’ve a lot to write.About my ventures on my Unicorn.(Yep.I bought it last month :)). I’ve decided to call the posts as ‘Adventures on my Sacred Arse Horse’. And of course, my bicycle. And my busy boring days. And that married girl in office who makes my heart skip a beat whenever i look at her. But they all seem so insignificant right now.

As I write this post, there are more than 125 innocent people lying dead in Mumbai, more than 400 injured and many more waiting in front of the besieged places  waiting for any kind of information on their beloved ones.

Let’s go back in time for a while. When I was in school,from time to time, there used to be some incidents of terrorist attacks in Kashmir. Often involving a few casualties. And I used to think ‘Thank God! I’m safe here down south’. Except a few incidents like 1993 Mumbai blasts everything here was normal.Peaceful.

I was watching Body of Lies in PVR on a Sunday night a month back. Bomb blasts had already made their presence ‘down south’. But I was thinking ‘Thank God! I’m not in Iraq. Open firing on the street! Man! How the hell can people live there? Amidst such fear?’.

I was reading Thomas Friedman’s World is Flat a week ago where he explains how easy it has become to do business with clients far off. In other words, how information revolution has enabled us to ignore the geographical limitations to accomplish what we want to do.

Now, here we are.

After watching terrorists roaming the streets of Mumbai on a police car firing at people, I’ve to admit.

Yes. The world has indeed been flattened.

And for what?

Probably from now on after every blast I’ll think ‘Thank God! It’s not me this time. Is bar tho bach gaya..’ But I need not be  so happy. The guy walking beside me  carrying a blue-black backpack might have an AK-47 with him and waiting for orders to fire….

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